New 3 Battle Creek

in 1815 the painting of the battle by the participant of the Jean Hyacinthe militia Laclotte Louisiana based on their memories and sketches on the site. (155 INF) in the battle of Orléans coming from the American unit, worn out. Although the engagement was low compared with other contemporary such as battles. However, Quimby persists, it is an exaggeration to say that was the battle of 23 December, which saved New Orleans. The British were disappointed in their expectations of an easy conquest. The unexpected and severe attack carefully made Keane. It is more effort to advance 24 or 25. The battle has the reputation of Andrew Jackson and helped drive him into the White House. The anniversary of the battle was celebrated as a national holiday for many years and continue to honor the South organized are committed by Louisiana.In Jackson, recently. . They spent the night before the battle, praying and crying to the statue of the Saint, implore the intercession of the Virgin Mary. In the morning of January of 8, FR has Very much Reverend William Dubourg, vicar general, offered mass at the altar, on which a statue of the Virgin Mary of the aid was placed appropriate. Monastery of the Ursulines, mother Ste. Marie Olivier of Vezin, promised a mass of Thanksgiving Sung annually should the victory of the American armed forces. At the time who ran communion, a Messenger to the Chapel to him above all inform that the British had beaten.General Jackson went to the monastery of the sisters for their prayers thanks: the blessing of heaven, management of the value of the troops under my command was one of the most brilliant victories in the annals of war. ,,.