Cancer Zodiac Sign Free Vector

Cancer June 22 - July 22 cancer, the fourth, is zodiac sign everything at home. Those who are born under this sign are ' roots ' kinds of people and take pleasure in the comfort of your home and family. Tumors are maternal, living room and wants to take care of others. More likely it is that your family is going to be a great benefit, better, too. Cancer are certainly curious, if their life is peaceful and harmonious. Traditions are maintained with great elegance on a budget ' cancer, such as the history of people of municipal operations and the love of family. They also tend to patriotic, flags, where this is still possible. A good memory is ' cancer at the base of the stories on the table and Don ' t be surprised when these emotional things people. Born under this sign, put his heart on the sleeve, which is fine for them. The mascot is the crab cancer and very similar creature Pelee small cancers have rush to withdraw into its shell when set the mood. It is not surprising that these people is called Crabby! ' cancer is not important, but I think that this ' shell ' a secondary residence (House of love). The disadvantage of this is hidden, that linked shell crabs often quite Moody. On the other hand, can according to their degree of difficulty in their deepest feelings, share, a Herculean task, a crab from his secret hideout will be curious. What to do? Give the crab-time after all these people come out to play again. If they do, they say, will be the first ', connected with this character according to the quality of the cardinal. The ' said previously and crab laugh for the first time to cry, so you can bet filling ' ll. By the way, the shell, the ISN t just hard ' crab. These people are difficult and voluntary and love coming through its proposal. If his kindness well documented and not ' t do it gently, but you're not ' upwards with which influence emotional manipulation. If the ' work, she ' ll returns to its shell and be angry, or looking for a way to the source of his pain, because the crabs can be quite ruthless. Who said that same crabs say that attention finally thanks to protect your home and loved, a very noble goal are motivated. Cancer are dominated by the great mother of the sky Moon in antiquity. Here on Earth, this is manifested in the Crab Nebula ' maternal instinct and desire, at home and the House to protect it. This seems to sometimes, but delete ' crab for you. The Moon is associated with fertility, a quality that has delighted the many types of cancer. The Moon is also the rule of mood and many of them have cancer. These individual wines of a river, can has ' re of this kind and tend to be. It can be very sensitive, easily hurt and tends to recur. Even though the crabs for easy understanding of others and is quick to show his affection. Intuition is also a great help for them, especially in times of stress. Water is associated with the element of cancer. As the waves of the sea, the ' the emotions of the crab can make a splash. These people tend to perceive things and install them, resulting in a way between sentimentality and possessiveness. Crabs should resist the temptation to be selfish or feel sorry for you, because this behavior has earned support t '. on the positive side, the crabs are good with money (although some consider even economically), probably because it has detected a sense of security. Crabs are also another type of aid and tend to avoid confrontation. Its twisted care are those born under this sign an expert with the food. A delicious picnic in the Park is a paradise on Earth for most cancers. Cancers often find that a solid training session only the tonic is sensitive to their feelings. Team sports are always good, because they offer a sense of belonging; Water polo at the games should be elementary water crabs. What are the colors of your team? The Moon is silver and white. Given that tumors have tended to be too lazy, but need someone to push them out the door. When it comes to the game of love, the crabs are hungry in their dedicated, romantic and capable. Crabs are smart for its good to hear this signal, because rules of the stomach. The great strength of cancer is the tenacity with which protect them from their loved ones. These people don't require many ', either: contains a comfortable home and a feeling of peace. The ' of that instinct is a joy, with the energy of the cure for cancer. ,,.