Oral Fixation Age 6

It may seem that an explanation of the human phenomenon provides this type of child imprinting.at that a single passage of early sensitive period in the development of attachment is life. to €. As he developed the ideas of Freud, so makes the idea of a sequence of possible attachment points and the choice of neurosis during development and the relationship between this sequence of Assembly. A strong these instincts in a manifestation of the age of [the] soon causes a partial block, which therefore represents a weakness in the structure of sexual function. two variants of fixing step-indistinguishable, and fashion. In the oral phase, which can produce a fixation of the area, i.e. the individual adheres to oral pleasures or still want that a fixation. "he makes it through my mouth and sense or other openings to preserve the receptors or behaviors. This type of attachment is issued later in other areas. Setting has been compared to the shape, if at some point in the life of the bride first, followed by a small Chick, before certain date will be with him. However, continued to mount as the manifestation of the emergence of many-connections, it is difficult to fix that-between instinct and impressions and objects involved in the prints. Therefore, the establishment has gained a wider connotation. With the development of the theory of stages.the sex drive East in the medium term a stable system, not only a direct instinctive, in particular, but the whole complex of himself and the object of the report. Get a print of one of these stages, the time is reflected in this case personality for it in adult life. (Also assumed that these early impressions of the sex life of greater tenacity or vulnerability to fixing that later presented are too neurotic or evil.). It is sometimes questionable. Intangible assets (e.g., ideas, ideologies, etc.) may also occur. The obsessive factor is also related to the symptoms. What caused unusual frustrations and psychoanalyst in relationship with clips of narcissism, while unusual rewards change.[or] a meeting of instinctual satisfaction with satisfaction of security. Freud (1905), following the selection of the child object to differentiate records of early sexual lenses as Voyeure. eine incestuous fixation on its own [] libido. Two latches can be very different in nature. Adopted, we managed to establish a favourable conclusion and then launch a strong guy to the doctor. It would be wrong to conclude that the patient has suffered previously libido of a similar to his father's unconscious conditioning:, etc.