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She was widowed recently and they took advantage of the opportunity To give and what I know to develop my latent capacity. Thank you for that. Elizabeth marks only what I was trying to be this material, only that what I tried, it simultaneously refers to being able to make my life and as a contribution to the other to To find. Henry Monzello. Many philosophers consider the experience of being the essence of consciousness and believe that only experience fully, residential buildings, can be subjective. But if consciousness is subjective and not externally visible, most people believe, that other people know, but not the rocks and trees. There was research on physiological changes in people practicing different techniques of meditation and Yogi. Differences between the normal and appropriate relaxation meditation reported research with brain waves during meditation. But he doubted, whether there are sufficient clues to such diverse physiological consciousness States. distinguishes between three types of consciousness: the simple consciousness, the consciousness of the body, which is owned by many animals. Self-consciousness, awareness, know, possessed only by human suffering. and cosmic consciousness, the consciousness of life and the order of the universe, people, the Illuminati are just intrinsically. the plan suggested, the attention of the theory of consciousness. In this theory Temporo parietal serve certain cortical areas, especially the superior temporal sulcus and the junction to the strengthening of knowledge and the generation to another To give the. In addition, The same attribute of cortical awareness used machines themselves. Damage to these cortical regions can lead to a deficiency in the consciousness as a. Outlook, that the distinction between the body and the spirit, or between the mind and the world poorly made. He suggested that in the world talk about body, mind and the world, but of people or persons,. So thought that speak of consciousness we mislead us here finally, it is to understand not to separate things, behavior, and the language of the consciousness. 1960 and 1970 cake you have a State of consciousness, such as from a number of processes, including the component analysis exteroception (proof from the outside world); Interoception (recognition of the body); Input processing (see sense); Emotions; Memory; Sense of time; Sense of identity; Assessment and cognitive processing; Motor output; and the interaction with the environment. He is credited with popularizing the idea of the man of who is running as a current awareness in his principles of psychology, 1890 in General. According to James, is the power of thoughts after five characteristics: (1) all thoughts tend to be part of a personal opinion. (2) within the individual personal thoughts, consciousness evolves All the time. (3) within the individual personal thoughts, consciousness is remarkably constant. (4) always seems independent of objects by themselves do. (5) you are interested in A few parts of those objects, the other. . In most of the experiments that are specifically in the consciousness, the subjects are human beings, and the criterion is the oral report: in other words, the subjects are asked to describe their experiences and their descriptions comments considered the contents of consciousness. Moreover, it is difficult to check lens wondering why a rejection, that an animal often comes, means that we do not hear, your life has no value, and damage is not morally blameworthy. Descartes, has been blamed, for example, for the mistreatment of animals, he believed that only humans have a non-physical mind. There are States in the brain where consciousness seems to be abolished, dreams, coma and death. There are also a number of circumstances which can less radically change the relationship between the mind and the world, is produced, what is called. In the year 2013, developed an experimental procedure to measure the degree of consciousness, how to promote your brain with a magnetic pulse, waves of electrical activity and the development of a score of knowledge based on the complexity of the activity of the brain. In medicine, consciousness as a combination of linguistic behavior, enthusiasm, is cerebral and useful movement activity is evaluated. The last three of them can as indicators of consciousness are used if the verbal behavior is missing. Since the dawn of Newtonian science with his vision of the simple mechanical principles to govern, the entire universe made A few philosophers of the idea that consciousness can be explained in physical terms. It was the first influential writer to explicitly propose this idea. He tried to disprove the claim of proponents of what he called strong artificial intelligence (AI), which a computer program can be aware even if agreed with the supporters of the weakest is that computer programs can be formatted in order to simulate the conscious States. His view is that consciousness that the first person subjective, has essentially intentional causal forces biologically simply due to the nature and the way human brains; Very much health-conscious people of software in the location, math, but consciousness is not intrinsically computational. Make a Turing machine, the Chinese presents a room equipped with computers Searle and programmed speaks algorithms, i.e., answering questions in Chinese, Turing machines, programmed, that the questions on Chinese Chinese to answer correctly. Searle argues that with a machine, it would be able to handle the inputs to the outputs without any knowledge of Chinese and has no idea what could say questions and answers. And it's everything you To want a program for the current computer. If the experiment in English, was conducted knowing English Searle would be able to ask questions and To give a response without any algorithm for applications in English and emotionally to know what they were saying and purpose can be used. Searle should pass the Turing test by answering the questions in both languages, but he is not aware, which makes if he speaks English. Another way, the argument is to say that the software can overcome the Turing test for the syntax of a language, but treatment can reduce expected semantic syntax by strong supporters of AI. Semantic processing is consciously and intentionally, because we use deliberately produce the semantic meaning of what we say. (sets the level of consciousness) and 15, in the full knowledge there. The Glasgow coma scale has three Subescalas, best motor response (from each motor obeys response, orders), the best response of the eye (eyes open, which spontaneously arise) and measuring the best verbal response (no response to verbal fully oriented). There is also a simpler. Some researchers such as Pinker, Chomsky, Edelman and Luria has the importance of the emergence of human language, as an important mechanism adjustable shows memory and learning in the context of the development of the awareness of higher order (see consciousness will be assessed by observation of the excitement and the reactivity of the patient and as a continuum of States, the full control and confusion about Comprensiona up to see), Delirium, loss of essential communication and finally loss of movement in response to the pain. celebrate the Memorial Conference by Francis Crick, who treats the people's awareness of and series linguistic consciousness in animals. After the Conference, signed in the presence of. People who think that it is possible in principle a company who is a person physically indistinguishable from and behaves like a man in the truest sense, but still makes no sense. Edelman stressed the higher human consciousness evolutionary emergence historically older than the primary consciousness, people people with non-human animals (CFR. parts many scientists struggling to bring that information on several areas of the brain with apparent unity of consciousness is distributed to the fact in line: it is an aspect of the complaint.) For most of the philosophers, the meaning of the Word suggests the relationship between mind and world. Writers on spiritual or religious topics often as more important than the physical world is viewed characterized the relationship between the soul and God, or the relationship between the mind and the deeper truth,. An important part of the scientific literature on consciousness consists of studies that reported the relationship between the experiences of subjects and activities that explore simultaneously in the brain - i.e. studies. the Declaration of Cambridge on consciousness, which summarizes the main findings of the survey: decided to reach a consensus and a direct statement to the public, which is not scientific. Is everybody in this room, the animals awareness, but it's not clear that the rest of the world is clear. It is not clear, with the rest of the Western world or the far East. It is not clear, the company. Since 1980, a growing community of neuroscientists and psychologists are assigned to a named field of consciousness, which work in a stream of experimental, published in books. The problem of animal consciousness is facing a number of difficulties. It is the issue of other heads in a very pronounced way, because non-human animals, have not the ability to speak human language, can they not tell their experiences us. Certain aspects which seem three theories, but less easily apply to a case of bird flu awareness. For example, the proposal by Crick and Koch, that neurons in layer 5 have the mammalian brain seems a special role difficult bird flu to apply brain like bird flu have a consideration of different morphology. Similarly Ecclesiasticis theory have struggled to understand the nature of consciousness and to define their essential properties. Topics of interest for the philosophy of consciousness, such as whether the concept is basically compatible. If consciousness that can be explained. . Consciousness, which in turn is the phenomenon, with the information in our minds are accessible for monitoring report, behavior of reasoning and verbal. If we.) to get the benefits of survival as a conscious organism. If evolutionary processes blind to the difference between the functions F current or the body, and the body consciousness or not, it is not clear what adaptive advantage could make available to the power. Bernard Baars has proposed that once in place, this recursive circuitry, the a foundation for the further development of many of the features provided, consciousness in higher organisms makes. Changes produced by trauma, disease or drugs of awareness. Approaches scientists, generally based on two basic concepts. The first identifies the content of conscious experience, reported people; makes the second, the use of the term of consciousness changed developed by neurologists and other members which is health-care professionals, who have patients whose behavior. In both cases, the ultimate goal for the development of techniques for assessing objective is awareness in the people-people, but also other animals and to the understanding of the psychological and neural mechanisms that underlie. You seem valid also for the avian brain. Avian facilities assumed that awareness is critical in the mammalian brain have similar representation in the brain. If the main parts of the theories by Crick and Koch. the objects in his essay we machines? to the evolutionary argument, mind brain, explaining what this means, if the conservation and the development of consciousness, biological evolution is the result of an interaction. Latin conscius SIBI set became a member, whose importance was more closely connected to the current concept of consciousness in English as translated by conscious self or self conscious. For example. . Patients may suffer from disorders of the consciousness, or it must be stunned for the operation. Doctors can lead to manage a similar awareness and instruct the patient to sleep. Some physicists have argued that classical physics is not in a position to explain the holistic aspects of consciousness, but the. The importance of the dictionary the word consciousness extends itself over several centuries and brothers-in-law of associated meanings, ranging anything from formal definitions for the skeptical definitions. A formal definition that specifies that these related meanings get the spectrum. Other authors are the origins of consciousness of the first animals with nervous system or in the Cambrian vertebrates more than 500 million years ago. for example, he argued in his book identified knowledge and experience, which can be at least eight different types of consciousness (body of the consciousness, the consciousness of the State/event management); Report from the introspective consciousness, self-awareness, subjective consciousness), and this list also includes A few other ways to hide. previous section). These theories the integrative function of the solutions to traditional problems with consciousness linked two present: differentiation and unity. She can show, as our conscious experience between several quasi unlimited of different scenes and details (differentiation) are different, because this information by our sensory systems integrated, while consciousness in this integrative nature easily explain it as our experience together despite all of these pieces seem to can. But you do not specify Which one kind of information is integrated conscious and classes without awareness can be integrated. Explained that the integration that supports the specific causative role, or the same functionality is impossible without conscience. It is clear that not all information types can be declared to know (E.g. neural activity related to the vegetative functions reflexes, unconscious motor programs, astute analysis, etc.) and a wealth of information can be disseminated and combined with other kinds without consciousness, as in for example the effect of ventriloquism of intersensory interactions. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the primary sensory areas of the brain enough out not to produce awareness: a lack of knowledge is also possible if areas such as the. Many psychologists and behavioral scientists have not - perceived in which describes a series of animal behaviors that seem to show animal exploitation beliefs about things, confirms the existence of consciousness. Phenomenology is a method of research that will examine the structure of consciousness, apart from the problems relating to the relationship of the physical world consciousness. This approach was proposed by the philosopher Edmund Husserl, and then developed by other philosophers and scientists. Converging suggest that non-human animals [;], including all mammals, birds, and other creatures, [-] have the necessary neural substrates of consciousness and the ability to display malicious behavior. As an explanation of consciousness Exaptive won A few theorists, speculate, evolved as an adaptation but is that practical issues are Ridge the presence of consciousness of consciousness evaluated seriously ill in a coma or drugged can be and how the conditions in consciousness to meet is impaired or interrupted, the favor. The philosophers in General to take into account that the subjective experience of the essence of consciousness believe can be never strictly known therefore the existence and the nature of animal consciousness. Used consciousness - philosophers have used the term consciousness by four main themes: knowledge in General, intentionality, insight (and especially accumulated knowledge) and phenomenal experience. Something inside of the mind is to know if an introspects (or is willing to do). Introspection is to provide primary knowledge of your spiritual life. Experience, or other spiritual entity is deliberately phenomenal, where it 'something like' so that you can have. The most obvious examples are: perception, such as the experience of wine tasting and visits; Experiences Corporales Sensacional, such as headaches, pica-pica; imaginative experiences from their actions or perceptions; and currents of thought, such as the experience of thinking 'in' or 'Photos'. Introspection and Phenomenality displayed, independent or separable, although this is controversial. Skeptics argue that this notion is wrong, because the concept of consciousness is fundamentally incompatible, or because our intuition on illusions are based. Many philosophers have argued that consciousness a single concept that is intuitively understood by the majority of the people despite the difficulty to define. A third group of scholars argued with the technical development, once, that the engines are starting to see how the dichotomy significant behavior of Humano Entonces (man against the human consciousness consciousness) is the history of the problems of the autonomy of the machine and start kept the upper hand, also if it is noted in the nascent industry and modern technology form. Does say that consciousness in principle, can understood in relation to the mechanics, but it is A lot harder to understand P-CONCIENCIA: he calls it. For many decades the leading scientists was avoided by the majority, consciousness as a research topic through a general sense, that a phenomenon in subjectively defined by experimental methods objectives cannot be properly studied. First English with the conscious and deliberate, however, on 1500 goes back. English word aware originally derived from Latin Conscius (Col together and put forward a potential, made the adaptive advantage through conscious beings, which suggests that consciousness is a person to make a distinction between license and can be). in his consciousness - determine d. h., which correlates with psychological and neurons of the consciousness. The majority of experimental studies to assess consciousness gets people people a oral report on their experiences (such as tell me if you notice anything when I do this). Topics of interest are like the phenomena. You seem compatible with the hypothesis that birds know. Edelman also distinguished names he primary consciousness (a property of humans and non-human animals is divided) and higher-order consciousness that the human ability of human speech only appears in. Solutions claim that the rigid distinction of Descartes as a realm of consciousness and the Kingdom of the material, but they To give different answers on their relationship to each other; e Edelman described this distinction as humans possess higher-order consciousness, although it the characteristic of primary consciousness with non-human animals parts (see previous paragraph). Therefore, thinking about the evolution of consciousness with great difficulty is faced. However, A few authors have argued consciousness from the point of view can be seen. This ability a creature the chance to realize that deceive their perceptions are allowed (such as the water in the distance may be a Mirage) and according to law and may also facilitate manipulating the other things consistent with the know how their cooperatives and seem sneaky.However, other philosophers have suggested that awareness of functional benefits in evolutionary processes would be unnecessary. P - CONCIENCIA, according to block, is an experience that the simply raw: movement, colors, shapes, sounds, sensations, emotions and feelings with our bodies and our responses to the Centre. These experiences, as regardless of any impact on behavior, are called. He explored the neural basis of consciousness without To try to, all-encompassing theories about the entire image. At the same time, computer scientists who work in this area. There are solutions, you only a single domain, their consciousness and matter are two aspects to support. Each of these categories contains numerous variants. They are the two main types of dualism. Theory of consciousness, consciousness is a causal effect of inert neural activity - how is the steam pipe which accompanies the work of a locomotive without influence on their machines. and Susan Schneider wrote the Blackwell Companion to consciousness: what we know, is part of our consciousness, making it conscious experience at the same time the best known and the mystery of our lives. .Zur same time was awareness by many scientists skeptical considered, but in recent years has become an important research topic. Most of the authors on the philosophy of consciousness is already occupied, to defend a certain point of view and therefore organized his material. For studies of the most common approach approach, where historical positions philosophers most associated with them, such as Descartes, Locke, Kant, etc., can organize alternately philosophical positions of corresponding problems. Created awareness, and identify whether it has survival value. It has been argued that consciousness is revealed I exclusively with the first people people, (ii) exclusively with early mammals, (iii) or not in mammals and birds, or (iv) the first reptiles. It is plausible that consciousness is influenced not only by the neuronal processes, but a survival value had. and would have had to be effective. The spectrum of consciousness, a comparison of the Western habits of mind, the thoughts and the East of the book. Wilber describes the conscience as a spectrum with an ordinary consciousness at one end and the lower consciousness to a higher level. What is potentially useful as a quantitative assessment of the conditions of the Bewußtseins.Geht is one of them, that not only people, but also A few species of mammals are known, a number of approaches the problem of neurons consciousness elements evolutionary open. For example, of them, know the birds - a common assumption among researchers in neurology and cognitive Ethologist with the large repertoire of birds - there are forms of comparative Neuroanatomici to A few awareness, to check your currently in the competition, the most important theories, the brain of mammals. The motivation of this comparative study, this is the bird brain directs the structural brain of mammals. Are they similar? That they can be identified as a partner? The study of Butler, General conclusion and that. General philosopher who accept the possibility of zombies typically in the behavior reflected awareness (including verbal behavior), and we believe awareness based on behavior attribute. It is easier to say that we put on the experiences of people by what they can do, including the fact that can tell us about their experiences. The scientific literature on the neural basis of excitation and the voluntary movement is Very much wide. Challenged its reliability as an indicator of awareness, however, due to the many studies that show that this warning the people in a variety of ways, despite a complete lack of knowledge of the statement can be useful induced behavior. Bird flu is obviously incompatible, as counterpart / similar structural dendron not found in the brain. Take a bird awareness brings also the reptile brain in the fire. The reason is the continuity between the reptile brain structural and bird flu, means that the phylogenetic origin of consciousness previously as leader may be suggested by many researchers in neuroscience.Joaquín Fuster UCLA, the position said the importance of the prefrontal cortex Contex in humans, as well as the areas of Wernicke and brush, the emphasis on the strengthening of the capacity of the neuro anatomical human language necessary for the emergence of human consciousness above. You have certain - perceptions, thoughts and feelings; Catches of consciousness. The term can be in terms to define, which are unintelligible without understanding what is consciousness, except for available. Many fall into the trap of consciousness it does not match with self-confidence - do not forget, that it is sufficient to know to the outside world. Consciousness is a fascinating but elusive phenomenon: it is not to To give what it is, what he is, or has been developed. Nothing has been written about it not worth reading. The medical approach to consciousness is practically oriented. He was born of the need of people to treat their functioning of the brain due to the disease, brain damage, toxins or drugs has been damaged. In medicine, conceptual differences as useful are as far as it can help guide treatment. When you consider that the philosophical approach of consciousness on its fundamental nature and its content should focus, the medical approach focused on the amount of consciousness that has a person: medical awareness is classified low range complete response, monitoring and proactive in the high-end as a level out of his coma and brain death. According to him, could in many ways to the drugs or other manipulations change. The cake of the elements which are not identified, but verified by empirical studies. Research in this area has not reached certain conclusions, but a recent study identifies eleven key factors to explain the drug of the States of consciousness on the basis of questionnaire: the experience of unity. spiritual experience; Blessed; Clairvoyance; Release. corrupt control and cognition; Fear; complex images; Basic figures; Audio and video. Responded most often the conscience of this attribute to other people, because we see that they are similar in appearance and behaviour: is true that if we look and behavior like us, as we otherwise should be including experiments, how we do it. Another problem with an oral report as policy limit of the course for those who have the language: this approach cannot be used for the study of consciousness in other ways, which interfere with pre-Infantil or people with brain damage, the language. As a third problem, the philosophers, the validity of the challenge, the. There are two methods to assess the level of consciousness of a patient: a simple procedure that requires minimal training and a more complex procedure, great experience. The procedure begins with questions, whether the patient move and react to physical stimuli. If so, the next question is whether the patient can respond with sensitivity to questions and commands. If so, the patient is asked to appoint, the current position and the date and time. A patient who can answer all of these questions should be on the alert and oriented four sometimes (sometimes in a health card & Ox4 marked) and is considered to be fully aware. ,,.