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Global • June 9, 2012: night shifts are related to an increase of breast cancer beyond the night shifts twice a week study coupled with an increase of 40%, that is the risk for breast cancer, she found. The long-term study, May 28, 2012 employment and environmental medicine, who at least three times a week night had worked for at least six years are twice as likely to develop if not published on the Internet the disease as such. Johnni H and allow, see • Burnout as a predictor of mortality among workers in the industry: a study of 10 years, which connects prospective registry, volume of the journal of Psychosomatic Research, 69, no. 1, pp. 51-57, July 2010 [. • August 11, 2012 global: LaDou associated with risk of heart disease, the right to carry an increased risk of heart attack and stroke], according to a new study. The authors, whose findings are published online in the British medical Journal, say that their research today is the largest and vascular risk and LaDou has impact on public order and health. United States: the greatest thief of dreams ' working time the only lifestyle factor is sleep important, reports a new study. U.s. researchers have less sleep, get more working hours are. Latest news from dangers, Australia: January 19, 2008 called LaDou action cancer risk, one of the main unions of Australia a revision of working time requires that an international agency for research of cancer found in night shifts have an increased risk of cancer. Health and safety, Yossi Berger, national said UTA Deaterrador official report confirms the worst fears of the Union and added: you can make a lot more money, these changes in the work, but with the money, to find a designer of oxygen. March 17, 2012 • Australia: Australian workers worker fatigue outbreaks identified suffering from an epidemic of unknown trouble, a new study suggests, parents who are particularly affected. The authors of the report, psychologists, Natalie Skinner and Jill Dorian, an upper bound of the week, including overtime, up to 38 hours is recommended to prevent damage from lack of sleep. • on July 7, 2012, Britain: another study is combined with the new study of the night work of reinforced lead concerns at night by an increased risk of breast cancer for women professionals. Statement of their findings online in the International Journal of cancer, concluded the study was French breast cancer risk 30 percent among women who had worked than women who had never worked at night. Florence Ménégaux et al work at night and cancer: a study of the population in France (CÉCILE study). Italy: June 19, 2010 • irritable bowel syndrome caused by malignant changes develop irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), showed the classic symptoms of a study of nurses and nurses can damage. Researchers at the Faculty of medicine at the University of Michigan found that the practice of gastroenterologists should be aware of this Association and educate patients with SCI on the potential impact of their work in their calendar of symptoms. Finland: exhaustion, that triple deadly work risk of death linked to the opera can be exhaustion for workers in the industry, has completed a new study. Finnish researchers have found commercial staff who are almost three times as much over the age of 45 years die as other workers with the most common cancer (34%) of death, accident causes (26 percent), suicide (26 percent) and heart attack (22 per cent) of death. World: risk of night shifts in diabetes-related night shifts, which have been linked to cancer and heart disease-and a new study suggests that add to the list of concerns diabetes. Michael Smolensky Metro, co-editor in Chief of chronobiology international, explains that you maintain health-smart development schedules and health screening effective and regular checkups can significant benefits for the health of this vulnerable group of workers. United States April 21, 2012 •: risk of diabetes and obesity with the face of titles, entitled sleep too little at the wrong time of the day to increase your risk of diabetes and obesity, according to a new study. Researchers call shiftworking further measures to reduce the impact of. OM Buxton and others. Negative metabolic outcomes in humans the limitations of prolonged sleep combined with volume 4, number 129, 11. April 2012 [-] disruption of circadian rhythm, science translational medicine, Great Britain: officers suffering from overwork, excessive use more than half of the officials too many hours just to have one day stay requires a study has discovered a arbeitenbei many patients now while working full-time. Search for the Union, the PC finds the 45.8% of workers surveyed was between 40 and 48 hours and ends on 1/20 workers against the legislation on working time-introduced as a measure of health and safety-work more than 49 hours per week. July 6, 2013 • Canada: night to night shift doubled risk of breast cancer for more than 30 years that women might significantly increase the risk of breast cancer, a new study has concluded. Cleaners, labourers, nurses, some workers in the store, call center workers and others who work at night, for a longer period of time can double the risk of developing the disease than those who did not indicate the new study. Anne Grundy et al. increased risk of breast cancer, long-term changes associates in Canada, occupational and environmental medicine, frontline, July 1, 2013 혼다 DOI: 10 1136/OEM-101482 2013 [. • March 8, 2014 from United Kingdom: untenable working hours by teachers under the Government's current recording, which are hours are gone, there is a Department for education (DfE).] Embarrassing for Ministers, the results of the daily workload of 2013 teacher survey, secretly on Friday night without the usual statement led to calls from trade unions for an urgent reduction in demand for teachers. Global • August 9, 2014: LaDou, who is associated with type 2 diabetes LaDou associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, with the higher risk in men and turn the world turn work, presented a review of the evidence. The study found that three quarters of the job requires a 9% developing diabetes, with more, except mixed teams and navigation patterns, associated with high risk of increased risk of the disease compared to normal business hours in the evening. Gan Yong and others. Job change and diabetes mellitus: a meta-analysis of observational studies, occupational and environmental medicine, the first in line, the DOI: 10 July 16, 2014 1136/OEM-2014-102150 [,.] [• on February 15, 2014, United Kingdom: Yorkshire ambulance staff need a break, giving the Union unite independent Commission investigation about quality of care (CQC calls) in a long litigation to enforce the Yorkshire on a plan, new forms of moving for the ambulance and ambulance paramedic in a series of cuts.] Is 375 members but participated in the program in a collective action to change, extend the imminent introduction of changes can mean that the staff member is required to eat 10 hours without interruption work; United Kingdom: Awake in shift work and usually work up all night the last turn the heart disease symptoms of stress in relation to serious heart problems, are more likely to exhibit Dutch researchers report. The researchers found, change the workgroup developed premature ventricular complex ' group (PVC), a condition with bat-extra and an increased risk of death from heart disease. Medical exchange rate and measure change in employed in shifts, including night and day 22 hours of normal heart rhythm work 49. All employees have recently been placed, and the measurements were taken, between one week and two months after starting his new job and then been in the post for 12 months. researchers in the September issue of the magazine to write the incidence of PVC workers, that workers is increased based on the follow-up of 1 year, during the day, clearly, environmental and occupational health. The study found that almost half of the workers in turn experienced an increase of a little more than a quarter of workers, the tag team has increased in PVC. The authors suggest that working at night can be a factor of chronic stress on the body and the greater frequency that may soon heart beats a factor increases the risk for heart disease in shift workers. Ludovic van Amelsvoort and others. • on August 31, 2013, United Kingdom: trainees that BofA Bank dies after long hours of 21-year-old intern at an investment bank was 72 hours he died presumably in a row in London. Moritz Erhardt was an exchange student in Germany, he studied at the University of Michigan and as an employee of Bank of America in London when he died seven days before his summer internship. ,,.