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(Night and fog), which describe, disappeared after being arrested by Nazi forces without prior notice. The Nazis also applies this policy against political opponents in Germany. Most of the victims died on the spot or sent a. that crimes against humanity, adopted by the General Assembly on 20 December 2006, States, constitute the practice widespread or systematic enforced disappearances. The families of the victims, there is a right to claim compensation and to demand the truth about the disappearance of their loved ones. The Convention establishes the right to not be subjected to enforced disappearance, as well as the right of relatives of the disappeared person, to know the truth. The Convention contains several provisions relating to the prevention, investigation and punishment of this crime, as well as the rights of victims and their parents and children spend during their illegal born in captivity. In addition, the Convention defines the obligation of international cooperation in the Suppression of the practice, as well as addressing the humanitarian aspects related to the crime. The Convention had a Committee that will be responsible for important and innovative functions of monitoring and protection at the international level. Currently, an international campaign. Nothing in this statement, which can be then interpreted as implying a State, group or the right to engage in any activity or action aims at the destruction of rights and freedoms in the present. Works on two levels is working on a universal ratification of the Convention. Disappearances: they not only to silence opponents and critics who have disappeared, but also insecurity and fear in the community, to silence others, cons and criticize. Disappearances entail the violation of many. kill nine missing, supported and gives information about the position of these organs, but only three bodies recovered on this occasion had Indians and placed in a coffin. . Around 40 000 to 50 000 people have disappeared by the Guatemalan army and the forces of security from 1954 until 1996. The tactics of the disappearance has seen widespread use in Guatemala during the mid-1960s as a repressive Government has been distributed, military counterinsurgency in height even more difficult. The first documented case of the Government obliged to Guatemala in March of 1966, as PGT's 30 employees were kidnapped, tortured and killed by the security forces. Their bodies were in bags and thrown into the sea from a helicopter. This was one of the most important principles in cases of enforced disappearance in the history of Latin America. A failure by the force of thousands of people. Disappearances has continued until the end of 1990, but then dismantled strongly with the decline in violence in 1997. Some hostages disappeared or killed by the guerrillas, but others are assumed by the State security services. This second group has become the most controversial. The exact figures remain controversial, but the Government recognized that the number of slightly more than 6,000 missing, now dead. Opposition sources say that it is closer to the actual figure of 17,000. They become lawyer and activist in the southern region of the Kingdom of the Thai police, kidnapped and disappeared. Officially as a missing person, has lost his supposed widow, Mrs. Ankhana Neelapaichit, before seeking justice for her husband since Somchai. March 11, 2009 the GIS. RA Neelapaichit was part of a panel at the Thailand Foreign Correspondents Club, commemorating the death of her husband and to draw attention to the case and the human rights abuses was to maintain customs among the first countries where the people as a widespread practice of terror against the civilian population had disappeared. He was forced by the Government of Guatemala widely disappear during the 36 years. among other things. Their families, who are looking for the rest of his life to pass information on the disappeared, are often also victims. In North Korea, the forced draught disappear by members through detention without contact nor explanation to the families of the detainees. Foreigners, of whom many ethnic Koreans living in South Korea and Japan, have disappeared after intentionally after traveling to North Korea or abducted abroad. It was approved by referendum. It provides financial for the families of the disappeared compensation, but it also puts an end to the investigation of the police of the crime. where were they interrogated, tortured and sometimes killed. Missing were those who considered a political or ideological threat to Board military. Parliament, suffocated political life, banned trade unions and made Chile his Sultanate. His Government disappeared 3,000 opponents, has left 30,000 (torture thousands of them). Name of Pinochet with the disappeared, that forever connected. Operations in Punjab in the Decade of 1980 and 1990 was accompanied by a change to the deadly violence public human rights violations directed disappearances and extrajudicial executions routine, accompanied by mass illegal cremations. In addition, there are important indications that the security forces, tortured, executed and tens of thousands of people in the province of Punjab, from 1984 to 1995 came to the conclusion that disappeared that 2,279 persons had disappeared for political reasons or as a result of political violence, killed during the military dictatorship and 947 31 tortured until later. they have been killed or have disappeared. After a shared cable, an estimate of the Argentine 601 St July 1978 Intelligence Battalion (the victims began, 1975) produced a figure of 22,000 people dead or missing--this document was published by John Dinges in 2004. (ECHR). In March 2005 the first trials of the Russian Government guilty of violating the right to life and the prohibition of torture civilians were killed or disappeared by force at the hands of federal troops of Russia to be adopted in Chechnya, the Court. the country has the second largest number of people missing in the world (where the before Iraq). In 1980, 12,000 were later Lanka detained by security forces. During the past 27 years, more than 55,000 people have been killed. ,,.