Django Desencadenado 2013

Synopsis: Located in the States of South America, two years before the outbreak of the civil war, raised in DJANGO is interpreted by an interpreter as Oscar winner ® Jamie Foxx of Django, a slave whose viciously the past with their former owners may face premium face of German origin, Dr. King Schultz (Oscar ® winner Christoph Waltz of the actor). Schultz brothers tracks fragile killers and Django is the only one that can take you to them. Schultz bought a little Orthodox Django with the promise that liberty he after the capture of delicate-alive or dead. After the success of the mission that Schultz leaves of Django, but both choose freedom in disseminating and not follow the same path. With the help of Django, Schultz began the search and capture of the most wanted criminals the South as Hunter goes your ability of polishing, Django focuses its sole objective: finding and rescuing a Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), the woman who snatched the slave traffic, many years ago. To find Django and ultimate Calvin Candie Schultz, the Guide (played by actor named Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar ®), the owner of Candyland, the son of a notorious plantation where slaves of prepared by coach as Woody fighting each other for fun for claims under property is set to false, Django and Schultz raised the suspicion of Stephen (the Oscar ®-nominated actor Samuel l. Jackson) national confidence slave to Heraklion. Now follow your steps and a Despiadada organization that comes close. If offended Django Schultz and want to escape with Broomhilda, will have a choice between independence and solidarity, sacrifice and survival. ,,.