Gucci Secret Gg Satchel

they packed fabric and original packing in bags Gucci? I've written before, but I forgot to ask them-Michele. I want some order in this bag Gucci bags for the next trade monthly can thus be made?-Phala. Gucci. Yes, it's in Union Square and products are of high quality. Was here a couple of times and each time than the other. Depending on the day, sales people are super sweet and you think you're going to steal things, for me the stars less to give. As soon as you can. It was during the descent of the ' hypothesis. So could send may come, that their customer service is excellent product. Large selection of male ' wear and accessories. My Representative was great and helped me, perfect for my new Gucci belt size. A star from the sale of two female related last night, it is annoyingly stop chat if I needed help to find a dimension of things. It was not much characteristic ' for Gucci s/s '. However, they came to tell me by asking me if I need help or thank you or goodbye once again when we went. They are there for eye candy. Please help its customers and something to do, the Lord! 1 check - in this report, mainly economic, is that the Gucci boutique ' isn t much locally to the top on my list of places will never buy.A couple of years that my grandmother gave me a Gucci bag, which had bought in 1983, breakage of the strap and I took it instead of SF shop for repair. I was at the beginning of October. If at the end it tells you that you repair the Ministry in a week, which made me appreciate me, she would hear, how much cost would be, so that they could give the bag for her. Very well. I waited a month and I decided to call Gucci ' customer service in the world, check the status of the case. After an hour and forty-five minutes, I had a representative. Saw my repair ticket and had told me that l ' have been checked yet, when I told him I learned by an employee in the store, an estimate to give less than a week has contacted you would be, he laughed at me. He said it takes about a week, and that was followed with the repair service and call me the next day. He never called. Some waited about two months, the parties, I mean forget the Pocket. Late January, I tried the client connection, 2 hours on hold and call shop. I wrote them an email, wait a week and received no response. How SF work near this place has decided to start a business to see if you can check the status of my case for me. It my computer repair and it said looked at me, she asked that the global service client the same line, I asked help to determine if you can obtain the status. I was told that it probably takes time to find someone, and she would call even me an update. They also say that my service will be probably free.She never called.E-mail customer service ' s Gucci twice in a month and a half, never by someone. In early March, I finally went to the Gucci SF shop again, check the status of my repair. She informed me, that the repair was expected, since I had to pay $70, to resolve my case. Now, the ' but nobody has ever contacted me to tell me that they (all had money talk, the fact that the girl in the store who helped me the repair would be release me), everything is fine, They could not explain why they have not been contacted so I paid and then told me that it would be another month to retrieve my bag.Two weeks later I received a call that my bag to pick up was ready. I went and it did for me and has done an incredible job to correct it. I was very pleased with how the bag, but I am very tired, all Erfahrung.Sie was dismayed how she treated me, Gucci is a large international company and I thought that the priority to customers a service premium of a society so well recognized.I think that I was wrong. 1 registry, including only a review to write, because the incredible service due to customers here. He has been always choose the gifts, but the staff was very helpful and attentive. There is nothing to hate, because many of them to try to increase sales, then as a beggar to feel, if she wondered how something high-end store! If the comments, because I felt uncomfortable!Now, my point is that these Gucci super friendly and helpful. I took it seriously as a 30 + minutes touch their wallets and neckties. I felt never rushed or not. Although personal handlers. Bravo ~! * Louis Vuitton is always better than the next block. 1 check - in Don ' t you wrong, I'm a FAN of Gucci. It is the customer service ' does not like '. Work in detail'm only so big on customer service. Whenever I come here, I am greeted by the guards and thats it. There's never a retail partner, answering my questions; If I have that one. It almost seems that one man handles a security program. It seems that the only time where workers are needed, if all are blind, diamonds and ten fingers. You're Ok then with portraits of people in relation to that money and not ', but when it comes to genuine customer service. You are horrible. Since I work in the middle of the city, the store during my break lunch. HEY in the not on my days of order. Then you will feel really like ' this is my house 24/7 5 days a week and need not too crazy and tourist shoppers beating my day. Anyway, most of the time when I mean type work catalog cat tools, a costume. I have ' insurance think members automatically acquired no working around Union Square. Yes, but not ' ' means that I can afford the bag. Profiling, so stop and get started, because the last time I checked ' partners provides sales at Ando and IM client, for a job! I have ' the gap better customer service.  Ehrlich. It was a death, who buy online Exchange, which was very spacious.  I wanted to switch to a smaller size go ' d seen online.  Simple truth?  Apparently not.  I went to GAL of other pockets, which seemed nothing wanted.  You do not with your iPhone and the bag are not online.  Question by Mr. partner at the girl looked around and was told that the bag is in a store for sale and available.  So to call them to the '.  He returned to bag and left.  Output has been immediately to each other and called when I finally tracked down and told it me baby blue - or?  Marina, who I wanted and was very right on this point.People how hard is it, control and I am size and type for me in a small bag? It is apparently very difficult if it is Gucci.  Call the store and discussed with the Director, who asked me, send him a picture of the bag really? ' t here do not have a computer system?Very impressed with Gucci can give up and buy an empty bag.  I know that they at least know how to check the bearings. I'm not nervous at all time representing ' snark here.  As I, are too poor that 98% of the companies hereabouts and more often than not buy you leave without buying anything. I'm sure that ' without too much looking to buy used probably from the Commission on what is sold. And because they were happy enough, be hired to Gucci, considered as better than all other wastes, which can be used in a class. In short, if you not Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt or another A-Lister, n ' t expect to be considered a human being. Don '-in the 2 t expect to get any customer service at here. I came here after the BT shopping across the street, and no one greeted me or my bf.Maybe they have more revenue, if its service for the client and the screens was better. This place is not a weekend, which is sad. I think that everyone prefers to buy in BT, instead of. This Gucci store is their products like a faucet. Leave the learned bags because they have no value. Shop is a disaster, even if it is busy to '. You want to give to a store Gucci to buy the location of the José San for the staff of Vergangenheit.Das is not useful or cuts. I think that ' to stick to Louis Vuitton. At least I can sufficient LV and really treat their products with the value and respect. * This review is for * in the so happy we Tote buy my large Sukey GG on this to be. ' Look at this bag for about a month, sees me until I actually bought. Thinking if I should buy small or larger bag.He dragged her boyfriend in the Gucci Santana Row store simply because it was convenient.  I think that ' view bought a lot of our gifts for the family and because of its location. But there comes a time, if it is, just not ' vendors with rude and unpleasant to want together. I am very critical, and they seem to recognize only rich employers looking after this walk through the door. (Don't mind my ' Cotorreando.) It bothers me really!)As always, decided one day in the city and at random this place by Gucci review. A world of difference! Quickly, we were greeted with a Hello and a warm smile. The seller was incredible (pity the ' t remember his name). It was not arrogance and ' t left us alone, if only a minute to discuss or pass the required mirror. Before landing quickly with my bag and a portfolio that matches! It might be ' t be happier with my choice and I'm glad ' ' go my hard earned money in the village of Santana Row! Surprised a few weeks after that I mean bag I bought, sent a card thank you my seller in my mailbox. ' t can be better than that!I'm ' more than a kind of Louis Vuitton on the girl, but it's my go to any future shop Gucci added! Excellent work guys! The shame-luxury brand. another who has been able to seduce, to believe that they can hire people who do not understand the evil mark form, so ignore the contract between loyalty to the brand and an excellent service all the time, oil, prices remain high and maintain a touch of Uberlegenheit.ich has been tested in this Gucci a seller was happy, I felt that it finds a personal help phone callWhereas last week realized within seconds that knew more about products that I wanted to try and maybe buy and everything went down hill from there.I won't bore you with details, but he warned that are past the days where they met, such as adults who speak correctly are educated and knowledgeable.  I know that you speak as a person but perhaps now understand his disappointment for things that are no more.Suffice to say, I bought a few things and I'm happy with them, not wanting to go back however. When I die, bury me in the Gucci shop!Sellers are great.Gucci handbags are beautiful and ' at least it goes to sleep well tonight. I LOVE THE NEW STORE! ' It is much brighter and has a luxurious atmosphere. The only downside is that the store is always a little too tight. Louis Vuitton can much more space than the store on the street. Compared with LV Gucci workers are easier to use. That welcome indeed and I was wondering if you need help / have helped. I would like to be traded in a designer boutique, because you feel important and special it end. On the first floor, the bags is filled with chalk. You also have a section separate jewerly. The second floor has an abundance of Schuhen.Im third floor has a jewellery and a ton of clothes. Dressed in the clothes. The new store is awesome and you should check out ' if you even don't want to purchase. Heart of Gucci. I like to visit this store Gucci. You got who? pay $ $ $ to visit?Not seriously, but the customer service is excellent!  I bought a pair for me, a scarf, a bag or a gift bag. Joanne, she helps me all the time and pleasant experience of my visit to the store. If you see something on the floor/screen and not the color or size, you know and take the elevator to the basement and your inventory check. 9 times in all 10 a what ' are looking for. Today, I spent a few blogs (scarf / shoes, etc) for my baby wanted to find.  The seller has spent a lot time OT, look at the different styles, colors and patterns of multiple selected items.I felt so guilty, take a lot of time.I had a couple of items to buy.Love Louis Vuitton and Prada, but I felt much loved by Gucci, I often stop to buy gifts for my beautiful grand daughter Service.Ich! Very disappointed with my last purchase (S)! I bought sunglasses two weeks one of the screws and to reduce ships appeared. When I called to see if he could repair, let me know, they send wanted to get repaired and it would be a burden. Instead, I've corrected so friendly these glasses shop nearby sunglasses for me (toll free). These sunglasses cost about $300 and you cannot correct, you know exactly (by my receipt), that I bought 2 weeks ago! It was the first problem. Secondly, the G that is on the page, that it has been badly glued and I always take with me, my hair is caught and torn. It's very painful '. It was there that I ' ' stupid m. I had these sunglasses for all two months. I had them in my backpack, and unfortunately they were stolen (among others). I went to the Gucci shop about a week after average stolen original torque was and I bought a little more (I really liked how you saw me). About a month past and life in it came also and I fixed it in a store near glasses get. G ' are the worst in this pair, it seems that they are not right but are not as good as the previous ones, the couple have begun my hair. Here again where I ' ' stupid m. Assumes that the product received - finally ' ' m not spend $300 for a piece of plastic? I spent over $ 600 in a few months to two pairs of sunglasses, which collapsed and hair to begin with. Without forgetting the right lens, it took at least 4 times. Louis Vuitton is my first love, so I think I'll ' back and they remain. I believe that I have tried. * p.s., see you pictures of broken glasses. I used to be a big fan of Gucci, but my experience so far on the site of Union Square has me exhausted forever. About four months ago, I bought a Gucci belt in Aspen (Yes, the hard life really?), as well as a large piece of skin, reversible bracket really was.She died while returning from a trip there a month ago that I am the belt in the security part and passes the belt buckle airport. I did it, without my pants fall to return to their homes, but then is Union Square shops to see if it can be repaired.Gucci, types of sales, which have helped me, then offered their spending sent headquartered in New York, where repairs are made. Awesome, I received a call that the belt for me was ready super and a few weeks later.Yesterday I went to pick it up, and the seller apparently Nice took my copy of the invoice for the belt. When it was released, I wanted to see how the service works, and also asked if I mean could keep a copy of your invoice.His reaction was: so you want a receipt, complete repair. My response was that for my plates, and who knows, if the lock is broken again.He practically cut me, maybe we should be a little more cautiously with the belt. I'm usually a pain in the ass ', but decided the heights, at least in the store. I just have to say: Gucci ' ' call, not mine. and here we are on Yelp. Thus, while I love Gucci and lifestyle behind the brand, to watch, as a point of contact can ruin a whole experience.Nevermind, looks like my pair of Italian shoes by Prada. 1 Please keep an updated site and where I fell in love for GUCCI itself in its glossy black paint Microguccissima, with black patent leather bag. Smile! 2. I was greeted by two men from the Security (Hello!) and I was overwhelmed with options; But this girl knew what he wanted and was on a mission. Seller Diane Feng asked me if he could help me and described the bag and the price, and is one of the two, who remained in the memory.I saw, was examined and falls in love with him.  Diana was a treasure and filled my very Gucci well carefully in a bag together with a cover (because it was raining) new security personnel, Acogedor Gracias Diana was very much helped me to my very early fix birthday. I hope that you soon (fingers crossed!) to see. I am fan of Gucci and had my share of Gucci bags and purses.  I was disappointed by this place because my friends and I were followed by guard for surfing.  He looked at us and seemed to follow us.  REALLY? All were dressed, informal, but by all means, no ghetto!  We feel very uncomfortable.  If we go, the type specifies the type of door, us open the door and gave us a strange look.  I've never had this problem in other Gucci stores. Don t belong to breast ' Gucci.  With flip flops, harness with sweater (not varieties of pink velour Juicy Couture sweatpants), an indescribable bag, not designer on the curves of my shoulders are demographic goals by Gucci.  In fact the left eyebrow Dhlee (heaters Gucci sale) behind the counter involuntarily for me as ugly, ostentatious monstrosity $2500 a bag seemed to hit the fire from crossing for the handles of the bronze elephant tusks.  Dhlee approached us and the interest alleged for acorns and the brand, the bamboo Guccissima leather explains the details.  Sheet. not my Gucci bag. If I have this Boutique Concierge lobby literally put TALC in the hands and Abofeteara me go slut. Player Haaaaaazaaaahhhhhh! Hands like me be Scotty Very much cold, Mr organic bananas, the luxurious court what it is today, 4 shelves fall? and I'm like a farmer. Bring me underwear more expensive that you have! Then walk around the shop with not more than a few gold Gucci underwear sewn touching beautiful fabrics. Ray j is a disgusting, you can keep buy you clothes from thrift shops. Friend Don ' has no vocals in there, which everyone knows your tricks $9,75 costs, looks terrible. You can ' t in the community of hip hop on his haircut of Rhianna, big ears gremlin are accepted.They have at least once every two days I feel better than the poor, you ' improve ll. your game and less than Windows. Peep close for real and a review of ass muscular rocking the hell out of lingerie as a treatment in jackets and leather accessories for heating. EH well, Hi guys. What do you expect? You are in San Francisco Effin. Don ' t hope that people around the world. EH well, Hi guys. What do you expect? In San Francisco Effin. Don ' t looks nice and sweet, but has a ' to the ' King in a service-oriented industry. Once more, do not know what ' of ' in the air of the s.f., but this feature seemed to be at ease as the parameters of the city of Zusammenfuhrung.egal, if ' their luxurious or stores is more than a treatment for most of us. I have ' view it poorly treated. The staff is attentive, if they do not ' the drama of another participant to visit and ' are not very friendly.They are your typical rock star glorified bartenders in the direction of Starbucks-reach. They work only in Gucci. We must draw your attention or ' ll remains to be just left. Chat with all your drama forever (don't bother?. ' do not believe.) You also ' re at work, so young and professional.)The shop itself is good. Nothing special, with the exception of the Logo.Gut for shoes, bags and accessories. She have heard of those, who like to compare elements between the LV and Gucci. I think that it is a mixture of what is beautiful at both ends. Different sites have different objects, the needs of different people. In any case, I am not ' here speak of the quality of the clothing, bags handbags or sunglasses and others. Everything about your service, something reported on this institution over the other are his attitude toward people. The staff is not tense and rather placed to its very comfortable purchase experience. It is something that you miss in many similar societies. Knight helps, if you get what I needed, and that it a funny performance look could do without things here and there and even decided to do a round of magic, during the transaction. We had a good laugh and feel really important, that you do.So, I'm sure they have won ' ' no matter whether if you still see me once, but the fact that I went and decided to make much not much pleasant shopping experience. I had the best service that customers at the end of the Gucci store Vacaville and Gucci in Santana Row, used that tremble when I went to fly. It seemed that gender stereotypes since I m a ' women in ebony, which came with my baby in a stroller. To make the story short, I ended up spending more than $ 2,000, which was supposed to arrive at the Louis Vuitton boutique in Bloomingdales and finally he gave a young man works on the surface of sale of book with an incorrect shoes arrogant as attitude. You have not ever experienced bad shopping at Louis Vuitton LV service and at least at the discretion of the client to show a thank card you by sending customers who are not ' Gucci. Never go to this store Gucci again and I have ' sales of insurance with an attitude unpleasant don probably people t ', the numbers so much content. I was in the market for a new bag. I went by Gucci to see if something caught my attention. I came with my sister and two young daughters. We went in the direction of one of the counters to see a seller goes to a help a few pockets. He asked if we need help or have questions. After that my sister starts to ask the question, go! To talk to my sister. WTF?We have virtually not ' after the King. I have ' I do not know if it, that we do not ' I'll make a purchase, wasting his time, if necessary, but this was not the case. Lost in a sale, it approached my ass to LV and happy, I have a new bag. Only, this memory is devastated because they have their annual spring/summer sale.  I've never bought from ' this post today, but I had one, I went and I felt during my enjoyable visit.  Although it complements with discount handbags was half - control people, one of the vendors, helped Rachel, me immediately.  She was friendly, knowledgeable about all the products on the floor and never aggressive.  The same store is easy to navigate and unlike some care of not ' for bags and try it.I strongly recommend this way of Gucci and probably make a second visit before the sale.  Yes, I love you Gucci!.! Enter the world of Gucci and discover a rich profession of trademark glamour and luxury. In 1921, Gucci has shown a timeless style that is always up to date. I bought a new bag and purse in the store Gucci to San Diego (the I love by the way), but while in San Francisco, I'm sure looking to buy a bag that matches my new article. Rachel me aid landed and it was very pleasant to work with. He has been patient and showed me different options I had and not ' at all. I was actually in the direction is tilted and fortunately suggested with the whitish version instead of going. ' am glad I did. I bought one with him and he well my Guccissima leather colour supplements. I love it!During this trip, I lost my sunglasses and I wonder, if you a couple of glasses, who had noticed in the autumn of last year. Only its line has spring and sunglasses, which had already seen on the back of their guard fall were ready. I had no idea of the name, if it exists, but I am just a description which appeared and disappeared for 20-30 minutes in the back room.  When he reappeared, he had glasses in hand and I was surprised! It was clear that he knew that his inventory. Thank you, Rachel! ' I so happy that I decided to walk in the store. I would say that I had invented many an adventure another success of Gucci and me. Customer service is excellent, the product is even better, and the only one who can beat this experience really visited a company in Italy, preferably in Florence. : ). UF.  I * hate * this position by Gucci.  Gift; t get me wrong, I ' ' m a big fan of Gucci and I have a lot of Gucci, otherwise here you 1 star and 0 (zero) if possible. Why the question?  TERRIBLE SERVICE.  ' Believe me probably 4-5 attempts here to buy and the service was mediocre.  First of all, it is * always * ' invasion of tourists and Don ' t have sufficient revenues to cover employees.  Once I was there, saw I, that a bag like looked at him, which was published on my shoulder, I am in the mirror, there is no more for at least 15 minutes holding hand validated.  No wine, no help even if there really, handed his bag, wanted to pull down and out.  Then I went to Santana Row Gucci to buy it, that a nicer Einkaufserlebnis.Mitglieder only are not good on the ground informed on products and never follow if you queries to call when new items are available. Compared to some other high-end in the block retailers, Gucci has some even more beautiful. And then, security guards are always the most beautiful. I always have a smile and a greeting on their part.In ' still the same. I have ' seen has never experienced bad service, but there are only ' an air of indifference to the sellers. It comes from ' section of men in the back and all of a sudden all the air, look you need. Once you know you want to buy, you can feel the attention. Nate is your go-to. In fact, he gave me some useful advice and brought me options, while sailing. Not necessarily the cheapest, but something would you are really interested in ' a well-stocked shop and ' views of this position, but above all geographical convenience and my dislike of pending orders are purchased in the post Jenn. 1 register their Gucci! Yes, I am a ' fan! Haha, who said that this position was beautiful, was my impression is that it needs a small update! They have money on the back of the store, and they don't seem ' nu back and everything comes back to me.  Staff who helped me was very nice and informative. Even the door man was very good. I have a m girl ' happy). Random is an employee who is very passionate about what he the to learn here and indicated for you. because you're a Gucci and ' that ' you want to have fun?Personally, my place preferred in Bloomies Gucci on the market. Ɔ jewel is hidden) go go, go! or not. because it is ' my secret place of happiness. ,,.